Gabriella Wimmer Diamond Skin


An Overview of Gabriella Wimmer

A fragment of an infinite dream to capture light and bundle its luminous sparkles with the most refined, seductive leathers, and an intrinsic encounter between our unique master jewelers and leather craftsmen.

Gabriella Wimmer Diamond Skin is the art of combining a woman’s two inseparable loves. Our distinctive precious gem setting craftsmanship sublimates our leathers in ways that combine the two as if they have always co-existed in nature, and can no longer be separated.

Gabriella Wimmer’s symphony of ultra-luxury jewelry-handbags and accessories is an inherent part of a glamorous lifestyle for the refined woman with superior taste, who seeks to be feminine, seductive and empowered, and accepts no compromise in life.

“It is this transformation of gemstones and exotic leathers that I pursue – trying to extract a glint, a flash of light from the power of these gems and the creative forces of nature that make them so precious with the sensual and captivating leathers from animals that are so admired and yet feared” - Gabriella Wimmer.

Because each jewelry-handbag is handcrafted and hand-set with meticulous care, it can be personalized and tailored into your ultimate luxury masterpiece.